TJ {Fresh 48 & Newborn} “Cleveland Newborn Photographer”

I am a bit behind on my blog posts but nonetheless, I am super excited to share these photos with all of you. I was so lucky to get to take both “Fresh 48” photos, a new package I will be adding to my site, and a little newborn session of Mr. TJ. I have know TJ’s family for quite some time and I love taking photos of this family because both little girls are gorgeous and now they have a very handsome little prince.

I have to say, TJ looks like a little boy! You know how some babies look like they could go either way? Well this little guy is all dude! It was so special to get to hold him when he was only hours old!

He wasn’t up for posing but we got some great photos of this handsome man and his two big sisters. They are definitely going to be little mothers to this darling little guy. Enough talking…onto the photos.


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