How do I plan for my Newborn Session?

I get this question ALL.THE.TIME.

The truth is, very little. The best part about my job as a newborn photographer is making your session for your new best friend as easy and carefree as possible. I do have some things that I ask my clients to do before the session. I will list them out here.

I don’t ask my clients to try and keep the baby up at all. I don’t think they even know what their schedule is. The goal is to just get them sleepy and that usually happens with a feeding. Right before you leave, feed your little friend and make sure they are nice and full. Then, just put them in a snapped or zipped onsie (don’t put anything that goes over their head).

The goal is to have baby sleepy when they come in so we can just get in as many poses as possible. Usually, I try and get in about 10-15 poses for each session. These include wrapped poses, prop poses, beanbag poses, Fur poses and then sibling and parent poses.

What happens if my baby is awake? Listen, some babies are just awake. The best thing to do is just sit there and relax and I will work with the little one to get the best awake photos possible. It is more work, but that isn’t your concern, it is for me to worry about and make sure I can get amazing photos.

So, below are some poses I usually get at every session and then of course some awake photos. Sometimes babies do not sleep but as you can see, your photos will still be stunning. Everything you see in the images is provided by my studio. I have backdrops in every color and hundreds of little outfits and props. You just have to show up with your baby.

If you have not booked your session with my studio yet, please don’t wait because I am filling up for the remainder of 2020.

Cleveland Newborn Photographer Baby Shark
Baby Shark…doo doo doo doo doo. Some clients love the “themed poses” where the outfits can match nursery themes or favorite characters.
Cleveland Newborn Photographer
This is my favorite set up! I love this little bed. This is a staple in every session – awake or asleep.
Cleveland Newborn Photographer Bum Up Pose
This pose is accomplished at every session as well. This is called the bum up pose and is a great way to show off those rolls and some pants or outfits. This is also the pose used for Digital Backdrops!
Cleveland Newborn Photographer Froggy Pose
This is called the froggy pose and isn’t always guaranteed. It really depends on the baby. Some babies do not like this pose and I always do what the baby says! 🙂
Cleveland Newborn Photographer Heart Bowl
This heart bowl is a new addition and is used at pretty much every session! Asleep or awake!
Cleveland Newborn Photographer Smile
I like to call this pose “Just Chillin'” This baby was actually half awake here. I can always get this pose for a gallery!
Cleveland Newborn Photographer Sibling Photo
Sibling poses are usually the most sought after. Baby is usually wrapped and very cooperative.
Cleveland Newborn Photographer Hands on Wrists
Another hands on wrists shot because, how cute is this little guy?
Ohio Newborn Photographer
Another shot of the bed. If you are wondering about colors, we work on that together and it is 100% customized to your tastes and preferences.
Cleveland Newborn Photographer Huck Finn Pose
I have little outfits that are crocheted, knitted and sewn. Most of my outfits are made by newborn photography vendors and cannot be found in stores. These outfits are all handmade and can cost a pretty penny. I have calculated that at every newborn session an average of $2000 is the value of the outfits, backdrops, floors, and props used. That is before equipment and lighting.
Cleveland Newborn Photographer Props
I LOVE holiday set ups! If you are having a holiday baby I have a plethora of fall, thanksgiving and Christmas set ups! Bring your little santa in for his photo session!
Cleveland Newborn Photographer Simple
Sometimes, the best photos are the simple ones.
Cleveland Newborn Photographer Posing Pod
If there is anything you want to bring to your session I will do my best to incorporate it. Like this sign a client brought for their little guy! This is your photo shoot so you and the baby run the show!
Cleveland Newborn Photographer Flowers
Sometimes clients just tell me to run the show. I LOVE color. So sometimes I incorporate a lot of color in a session if the client is ok with that. This image turned out stunning! This can easily be an awake photo too!
Cleveland Newborn Photographer Green
No worries if you are against bold colors! I can always change them. In fact, this photo was originally a blue romper on an oatmeal backdrop. Gotta love photoshop!
Cleveland Newborn Photographer Little Bed
The most common colors for boys are Grey and Blue. Go Figure. It is my job to make it look amazing and not like every other newborn photo out there!
Cleveland Newborn Photographer Awake
Why should you love awake photos? EYE CONTACT. This photo should be in a magazine!
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