Greyson {Newborn} “Cleveland Newborn Photographer”

I am so pleased to welcome Greyson to the blog! This was one of the easiest families to work with. They were very laid back and photogenic! Mr. Greyson tried to fight sleep but after some time he fell into a deep sleep and we got some amazing photos!

Greyson also gave us a big smile during his session! I think he thought I was pretty funny. Most newborns do 🙂

I love the ones of Greyson with his big brothers Kellan and Landon. I love this session and I am so excited to show you their photos! Seriously, best session ever!GreysonNewborn57bw (1)GreysonNewborn57bw (2)GreysonNewborn57bw (3)GreysonNewborn57bw (4)GreysonNewbornSite (16)GreysonNewbornSite (15)GreysonNewbornSite (14)GreysonNewbornSite (13) - CopyGreysonNewbornbw (3)GreysonNewbornbw (6)GreysonNewbornbw (8)GreysonNewbornbw (10)GreysonNewbornbw (11)GreysonNewbornbw (12)GreysonNewbornbw (25)GreysonNewbornSite (18) - CopyGreysonNewbornSite (19)GreysonNewbornSite (20)GreysonNewbornSite (21)GreysonNewbornSite (23) - CopyGreysonNewbornSite (24)

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