Charlie {3 months old}

I hope you all know I was super excited when Charlies mom said they were coming over for a three month session. His newborn photos were just adorable, so I was excited to snap some more of this little guy!

Here is Charlie as a wee newborn….



Three months is a difficult age to photograph. Most babies aren’t sitting up yet and some can’t even support themselves. Charlie rocked his three month session and made me realize that there is nothing to be afraid of when you have a cute baby to photograph! This little man is so strong he is already trying to sit up! His mommy is a huge doggie lover too so I just adore the photo of him with those little booties. I can’t stand it! Too cute! Enjoy!

Charlie3 (12)-2Charlie3 (11)-2Charlie3 (10)-2Charlie3 (9)-2Charlie3 (8)-2Charlie3 (6)-2Charlie3 (5)Charlie3 (4)Charlie3 (3)-2Charlie3 (2)-2Charlie3 (1)

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