Campbell Maebh {9 months old}

Oh dear little lady…it looks like in one more blog post you will be a year! Most likely, you will be older than a year because I am so punctual about my blog posts.

Oh Campbell where do I begin. You are certainly holding up to you nickname “bam bam.” The cable box and playstation are sure to meet their demise one of these days. You are motoring all over the place and beginning to pull yourself up. You are quite the little chatterbox (with the cutest little voice) and you just added clapping to your bag of tricks. You are still terrified of your big sister Riley but you are learning to fight back…although Riley just laughs at your attempts to keep her at bay and then in the end…you are crying. I know one day you will be the best of friends.

I did not plan this little outfit for your nine month photo shoot but man did it turn out awesome. My friend called it your downton abbey bonnet and I think she hit the nail on the head. You look like a little vintage angel in these photos.

So here are your photos. I can’t believe nine months have already flown by! Slow down little girl. We love you to the moon and back baby blue! (Just in case someone didn’t notice those ice blue eyes!)



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