Miles {Newborn}

I am so excited to show you all a few more photos from Miles newborn session a few weeks back. I know, I am so bad with blogging. I’m sure I will get back on the ball one day.

Miles was a great little guy to photograph. He was quite curious at first and we had some trouble getting those sleepy shots but eventually he gave in and we got some great shots. We even got a few of him awake! His eyes are amazing.

Even though this was Miles’ big day I have to mention Mr. Trey his big brother! I had such a great time talking to this little man. He just turned two and he is the most polite and sweet little man. He was also very protective of his new little brother (I’m sure they are going to be the best of friends). He watched me very closely whenever I was positioning Miles. Already looking out for his little bro. Here are their photos! Enjoy!

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