Layla Simone {18 months old}

When Layla’s mom told me that her session would not take long and that she loved the camera I was a bit skeptical. After all most eighteen month old’s know what they want and that is not to be told what to do by me. Layla LOVED posing for the camera. Even better, she loved smiling for the camera. We got so many shots of her smiling and giggling but I also got some serious shots which showed her beautiful eyes. When little ones are serious, their eyes are wide open, making a beautiful shot.

Layla is all girl. We kept her occupied in front of the camera with necklaces and bracelets and finally her purse full of pretend make up. How cute is that? We also got a few shots with her bear, which she has been taking photos with since she was an infant. I could go on and on about this session since she was the perfect little model but I think the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Layla (1)Layla (3)Layla (4)Layla (7)Layla (9)Layla (10)Layla (11)Layla (15)Layla (16)Layla (20)Layla (21)Layla (22)Layla (24)Layla (25)Layla (26)

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