Kayleigh Mairead {4 years old} & Riley Niamh {2 years old}

I am so excited to share these awesome photos from Miss Kayleigh and Miss Rileys  session. Let me tell you, four year olds are little hams! Riley was a typical two year old who cried when I put on the dresses and tried to rip anything out of her hair that I thought was “so cute.” Kayleigh was my assistant during Rileys session. I think we covered Rileys personality and all the crazy faces she makes. We got her to smile by sternly telling her not to smile. My four year old model was happy as a clam to smile all day for the camera, although, as you can see she got a bit bored towards the end. Also, she chose most of what she was wearing.

Both were dolls and I wish I could have them on this site more but I never have time to take studio-like photos of them. I also love that both photo bombed each others session. I guess I have sibling photos now. Sorry for the long line of photos, I just didn’t have the energy to make a bunch of collages.




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