Hunter Alan {4 years old} and Gavin Pierce {2 years old}

Get ready to see the rest of these two handsome boys session. Hunter was such a little gentleman. We had so much fun talking about his teenage mutant ninja turtles and friends from school. Little Gavin was a bit weary of me. Luckily I coaxed a few smiles out of him by bringing out some instruments and of course, what two year old doesn’t like bubbles?

I just think the shots of him with Elmo are just the sweetest. This was such a fun session and I am so excited to share the photos with all of you. Enjoy!

HunterGavin (2)HunterGavin (4)HunterGavin (6)HunterGavin (9)HunterGavin (12)HunterGavin (13)HunterGavin (14)HunterGavin (17)HunterGavin (19)HunterGavin (20)HunterGavin (22)HunterGavin (23)HunterGavin (24)HunterGavin (25)HunterGavin (26)HunterGavin (27)HunterGavin (28)HunterGavin (29)HunterGavin (30)HunterGavin (31)HunterGavin (33)HunterGavin (34)HunterGavin (35)HunterGavin (36)

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