FREE?? Book a newborn session, get a sitter session free.

I LOVE newborns. However, I also have quite the obsession for those little sitters. You know what age I mean. That age where they are just sitting up. Their little arms and legs are so chunkalicious! <ā€” Yes, I just said that.

So I got some awesome new sitter sets in and to get the ball rolling I am offering a smoking deal! Iā€™m not sure how long I will have this deal going for, most likely through the summer. After that life around here gets crazy with Fall Family Sessions in Cleveland.

So are you sitting down? Book a newborn session and get a complimentary sitter mini session for free! Email me for the details šŸ™‚

So not only will you get an amazing newborn experience but you get to come back six to nine months later and get some photos of your baby when there are super smiley and chunkalicious!

Book it now!

Cleveland Newborn Photographer

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