My favorite newborn poses

I am so lucky that I have fallen into newborn photography. It is so much fun and I love dressing those little darlings in adorable outfits.

It is also a lot of work and takes years of practice. I just wanted to take a moment to show you some of my favorite poses. I try and execute most of these poses in all of my newborn sessions, which take place in Cleveland, Oh. You can expect a session to take about 1-2 hours and I will try and execute the following poses with your little one. My studio provides all props and outfits but we never turn away something mom has brought to be photographed!

Favorite Pose #1: The Posing Pod. This little chair is so amazing. Almost all of my babies love this chair and instantly fall asleep once placed in the chair.

Cleveland Newborn Photographer

Smiling baby in posing pod

best newborn photographernewborn photographerOhio Newborn Photographer

Favorite Pose #2: The Bum Up Pose: Named for obvious reasons, this pose is great because it shows off all of those little wrinkles!

ohio newborn photographer

Cleveland PhotographerProfessional Photographer ClevelandBaby Photographer ClevelandNewborn Photographer Cleveland

Favorite Pose #3: The Potato Sack Pose: This pose is either a favorite or a strong dislike for parents. I LOVE it because it puts the little ones right to sleep! They look so comfy and often give me a big smile.

best newborn photographerbest newborn photographerbest newborn photographerbest newborn photographer

Favorite Pose #4: The Froggy Pose: Easily, the hardest pose to execute. This is a pose that only professional photographers should try. The baby is being supported the entire time. Safety first!

ohio newborn photographernewborn photographerCleveland Newborn PhotographerCleveland Newborn Photographer

Favorite Pose #5: Modified Froggy: Because babies holding little lovies, is the sweetest thing ever.

newborn photographerbest newborn photographer

Trolls in Cleveland!

Lakewood Newborn Photographer

Favorite Pose #6: Wrapped on Flokati: I LOVE the wrapped on flokati shots. They are always so clean and classic! These are usually big favorites with mom and dad and get ordered on large wall art pieces!

best newborn photographerbest newborn photographerBaby Photographer Cleveland

Favorite Pose #7: The Huck Finn Pose: I have no idea why it is named this, but I LOVE getting those little ones to hold their foot. This is currently my favorite pose.

best newborn photographerOhio Newborn PhotographerOhio Newborn Photographernewborn photographerbest newborn photographernewborn photographernewborn photographer

Favorite Pose #8: The Taco Pose: This is pretty much how your little one was scrunched up in your womb! How stinking cute.

avon newborn photographerrocky river newborn photographerbest newborn photographerbaby photographer clevelandohio newborn photographer

Favorite Pose #9: Side Lying Pose: I don’t do this pose often but I may bring it back this year since it is a favorite of mine!

Favorite Pose #10: Head on Hands: Who doesn’t love a portrait of your little one showing off all of their tiny facial details. This pose is great for babies with long lashes.

baby fox

twin newborn photography

Twin Photography Cleveland

Favorite Pose #11: Smiling on Mom. This is like a unicorn! It is rarely executed but when it happens, it is like magic!

Favorite Pose #12: Prop Poses. I LOVE using props so you will always have at least one photo of your baby in a cute prop!

Cleveland Newborn Photographerbest newborn photographer

Newborn photographer in Cleveland

newborn photography cleveland

Rainbow Baby Photography

newborn photography

Rainbow baby in Cleveland

The Mad Hatter – Newborn Session, Cleveland

Sibling Poses: Here are some of my favorite sibling poses.

kid photographer ohiokid photographer ohiokid photographer ohiokid photographer ohiokid photographer ohiokid photographer ohio

Please remember, not all of these can be executed in a session, although I have done that in several sessions. The baby runs the show!


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