Connor Cole {6 months old}

Holy smokes is this guy a cutie! He belongs in a magazine! Those chunky cheeks and big lips and then the big brown eyes to top it off! Connor rocked his six month session and I got soooooo many amazing photos of him. He was a trooper sitting up as long as he did and he didn’t even mind being put in a bucket. (Most kids don’t besides my darling one year old who screams when she sees a bucket. Poor kid)

So here are Connors photos. I can’t pick a favorite. They are just all so precious and sweet. Enjoy!

Connor6M (5)Connor6M (7)Connor6M (8)Connor6M (9)Connor6M (10)Connor6M (11)Connor6M (12)Connor6M (13)Connor6M (14)Connor6M (15)Connor6M (16)Connor6M (17)Connor6M (18)Connor6M (19)Connor6M (20)Connor6M (21)Connor6M (23)Connor6M (25)Connor6M (26)Connor6M (27)Connor6M (28)Connor6M (29)Connor6M (30)

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