Charlie {6 month session}

So do you want to know one of the best perks about being a photographer? Meeting new people! I am always meeting new families and I love talking to them about mommy things. Whether it be moms groups in the Ohio area, nursing, babywearing…the list goes on and on.

So this family is no different. I met Charlie and his mom during a model call for newborns. She then returned for three month and six month photos. Each time we talked more and more (I am all business during a session but I am also a bit of a chatty kathy). Well, Charlies mom is from NYC! That is awesome. Now we have lots to talk about!!

So here we are at Charlies six month session! We shot some family photos as well which were just brilliant! Charlies mom wanted to incorporate the shoes that her and her hubby wore at their wedding. Guess what they were…Chuck Taylors that said I do on them. How awesome is that??? Coolest couple in my book.

So this is one of my favorite sessions because Mr. Charlie is one photogenic dude who I got to hang out with for an hour and his parents came prepared with all these fun ideas that screamed: “We love this new chapter of out lives, Charlie, and we also want to include him in a chapter that was previously all about us…our marriage.” LOVE the shoe idea. SUPER CUTE AND AWESOME.

Since I am not a writer how about I just show you the pictures and you will get the idea. Enjoy.



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