Brooke {10 months old}

So excited to welcome Miss Brooke back to the studio! Her big sister was one of my first clients and I was also lucky enough to take her newborn photos. These two sisters are so cute and photogenic. Remember, somehow all the cute kids and families in Ohio find me to take their photographs.

Brooke rocked her session. She gave me smiles and showed off those blue eyes and dimples! Also, her mom had the cutest little outfits! Brooke and her big sister are always dressed to impress. These photos are some of my favorites! I just love how this little munchkin looks like she belongs on some product to market.

Cutest. Baby. Ever.

Also, yes she is standing in her photos. This little diva is ready to go! She will be walking in no time.

Here are Brookes photos. Enjoy.


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