Behind the scenes…. Part I {Cleveland Newborn Photographer}

I get asked a lot of questions. By friends, family, clients and other photographers. I am only here today because other photographers answered questions that helped me figure some things out. If you have anything you want to know. Ask away. I would love to help you become a newborn photographer in Cleveland. It is after all, the best job ever.

1. What camera do you use?

I currently use a Canon 6D with my 60D as a backup. For newborn sessions I have both out. I usually have a macro lens on the 60D to get those little detail shots.

2. Where do you get all those adorable outfits?

I use a few vendors who hand make all their products. I love different things. I don’t think I have a style, I just love really cute newborn outfits. If you follow me on facebook, I usually mention the vendors on the post.

3. What is the hardest thing about running a photography business?

I would have to say time management. I feel like I am always “on the job.” Between marketing, networking, answering emails, making phone calls, in person consultations, the sessions and everything else that goes into it, sometimes it seems like I am taking away from family time. This is definitely something I struggle with and plan to work on. Besides that, all the money I spend on props but I will save that for a different post.

4. If you could have any hardware, no budget, what would it be?

Probably a Mark D iii and a 200mm lens. One day…..

5. Who are some photographers you follow?

This has changed over the years. I still love Patty Othon and Caralee Case the most. Of course there is Ana Brandt and Kelly Brown. Seriously just go through my facebook page I think I follow about a thousand photographers.


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