Alex William {9 months old}

Meet little Alex. How handsome is this little guy? I have known his sister and his mom for a few years. I was lucky enough to have met her at a nursing support group and was just delighted when she contacted me to take Alex’s photos. Of course, these photos are also from December and are late getting their blog debut. Better late than never, especially little Alex’s photos!

He was a typical nine month old to photograph. The hardest part is keeping them in the shot because they are so curious at this age. Also, the photos of him in his hat are just too much! I mean can he get any cuter? I don’t even know where to begin with those marble blue eyes.  I am so excited to share his photos with everyone and hope that you all enjoy this post. Sorry for my tardiness!

Alex (1)Alex (2)Alex (5)Alex (6)Alex (7)Alex (10)Alex (11)Alex (12)Alex (13)Alex (14)Alex (16)

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